Karen A. Nelson
Its weigh in Friday again and my question for you to all give me your opinion about is the weather!!! Since Texas is supposed to have snow today this seems like an appropriate question for the day.....  Do you like cold or hot weather more?

I was born and raised in Ohio and have seen my fair share of cold weather.  I absolutely could not wait to get out of there to head South!!!!!  I spent the first year out of high school in Hawaii on the USCGC Jarvis!!!  From there we went all over, Guam (warm),  Japan (cool), Midway(warm) and even Alaska in the winter ( thought I was going to freeze to death)!!!!!  I have to say that I am still a warm weather girl!!!!!  I would choose shorts and a tank top any day over layers and layers of clothing.  Let me hear your thoughts....... Warm vs Cold.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    I've lived in Southeast Texas since I was 2 yrs old. I am use to the HOT weather and don't care for the cold. I would much rather wear hardly any clothing, sit under a big shade tree with the sprinkler on and sip ice tea on HOT day, than bundle up in layers of clothing. Although I do enjoy a nice hot cup of chocolate with peppermint schnapps while I sit by the fire, but I like doing that on so-so cold days, not freezing days! LOL

    It's not suppose to get below freezing and snow in this part of Texas, it's just not right. LOL No one around here knows how to drive in icy conditions and you will see countless accidents on the roads. You will also hear stories of people's pipes freezing and bursting in their houses, because they aren't use to properly insulating them and people damaging their cars because they don't have enough anti-freeze mixed with their water in their radiators.

    So I definitely pick warm, even HOT weather over cold.

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