Karen A. Nelson
This weekend my beautiful sister and I were talking about our favorite Christmas growing up.  Out of all of our Christmas's together we both agreed on the Christmas morning we were given matching radios!  We ran down the stairs and around the Christmas tree to find 2 matching black radios.  These were not just radios though, they were......... Record players, dual cassette players and AM/FM radios.  We were laughing because we had these radios from the time she was about 15 and I was 11 until we both left the house at 18 :) 

I remember standing in my room with a blue and white striped shirt, and a navy blue straw hat, singing into my full length mirror on the back of my door singing Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson!!!  It does not get much better than that :)    What is your favorite childhood Christmas gift?

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  1. Jo Burns Says:

    My favorite Christmas is the Christmas Trevor felt he got even with Cathi for all the tattling she had done all year long. Cathi must have been about four years old. We were at their Grandma Burns' house for that Christmas. The kids weren't allowed to wake us up until 8am and then had to give us time to have our coffee. Until then though, they were allowed to take down their Christmas stockings and go thru all the gifts in there. I always wrapped everything, which meant even little pieces of candy got wrapped (took them longer to get thru everything and they had a blast). Trevor had told Cathi all Christmas Eve Day that she needed to quit aggravating everyone and to quit tattling or Santa Claus was going to leave nothing but coal in her stocking. Before anyone else got up, Trevor went out to Grandma Burns' old coal shed and got a piece of coal, emptied everything out of Cathi's stocking and replaced it with the coal. All the kids got up at 4am to go thru their stockings. When Cathi found the coal, she was unable to do anything about it because of the 8am rule. I am not sure it really cured her of tattling, but it sure made a Christmas to remember.

  2. I love it!!!! That had to be hilarious for you guys to watch! LOL!!! Kell never did anything like that to me, but she did buy me a CD that she wanted for Christmas. I unwrapped it and said, oh thanks sis, Flashdance. She goes well if you don't want it I'll take it and took back her gift to me from her :) LOL I love siblings!

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