Karen A. Nelson

Let's here it for WAHM/SAHMs putting 2 and 2 together! 

Happy Panda and friends have designed a one stop baby shower party diaper cake for the mom to be in your life. We have made it simple for the hostess. No more running around town gathering games and prizes. We have done it for you. 

Color schemes will be based on gender. Baby name can be added to cake or if the name is unknown the last name can be used. Put information in the message box when placing the order.
Karen A. Nelson

The tree is up!
Karen A. Nelson
This weekend my beautiful sister and I were talking about our favorite Christmas growing up.  Out of all of our Christmas's together we both agreed on the Christmas morning we were given matching radios!  We ran down the stairs and around the Christmas tree to find 2 matching black radios.  These were not just radios though, they were......... Record players, dual cassette players and AM/FM radios.  We were laughing because we had these radios from the time she was about 15 and I was 11 until we both left the house at 18 :) 

I remember standing in my room with a blue and white striped shirt, and a navy blue straw hat, singing into my full length mirror on the back of my door singing Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson!!!  It does not get much better than that :)    What is your favorite childhood Christmas gift?

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Karen A. Nelson
Its weigh in Friday again and my question for you to all give me your opinion about is the weather!!! Since Texas is supposed to have snow today this seems like an appropriate question for the day.....  Do you like cold or hot weather more?

I was born and raised in Ohio and have seen my fair share of cold weather.  I absolutely could not wait to get out of there to head South!!!!!  I spent the first year out of high school in Hawaii on the USCGC Jarvis!!!  From there we went all over, Guam (warm),  Japan (cool), Midway(warm) and even Alaska in the winter ( thought I was going to freeze to death)!!!!!  I have to say that I am still a warm weather girl!!!!!  I would choose shorts and a tank top any day over layers and layers of clothing.  Let me hear your thoughts....... Warm vs Cold.

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Karen A. Nelson
I thought we could swap recipes on Thursdays!!!  I will pull recipes from cookbooks, recipe swaps and from online resources. Lets see how we can expand our cooking!!! Tonight  we are having Spanish rice!! This is a passed down recipe from the Nicolas's..... It is AMAZING!!!

1lb hamburger
1cup chopped onion
1cup butter
8oz velvetta cheese
1 5oz jar of green olives
1tsp salt
cayenne to taste
2 cups rice (cooked)
2 cans diced tomatoes

1pkg of saltine crackers crushed
1 cube melted butter

Brown burger and onion and add in remaining ingredients above the space. Pour into casserole dish.
Cook 1 hr until center boils. Last 10 minutes add the butter and cracker mixture on top, cook until crackers are brown. Oven temp 350.  for 1 hr
Karen A. Nelson
It is officially Christmas.....Our Elf Katrina has arrived from the North Pole again!!!!

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