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I want to make Friday's a day for user weigh ins!!! I have a lot of questions and would love to have you all weigh in with your answers and suggestions :)

My question today comes from the weekly grocery store trip. I have a family of 3 and can not seem to get out of the store for under 180.00!!!! This is whether I go to Wal-Mart or my favorite local store HEB. I feel like I am spending way too much at the store for three people, but I just can't seem to get the bill down!!!

Does anyone have any cost saving ideas on food for my family and for others? Let us know just how savvy you are!!!!
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  1. Kat Says:

    Coupons, sale ads, local produce and buy in bulk. Don't shop when you are hungry. Shop monthly instead of weekly. And don't take husband or kid to the store with you.

    I look through the weekly ads to find sales on things that coincide with coupons that I have. Last month I got $60 worth of grocery items for $8 in one trip. It's time consuming, but for deals like that it's well worth it. You can find so many coupons online!

    I've found that produce from local growers, like the farmer's market, is usually better quality and lower in price. I think grocery stores have higher prices due to shipping costs.

    Two years ago we purchased a small freezer to stick in our basement and I buy things in bulk whenever possible and then just freeze it in amounts I would use.

    Paper products are good to buy in bulk as long as you have room to store them.

    Okay, enough rambling LOL. Those are the things I do. I usually manage to keep the groceries for our family of four between $300- $400 a month.

  2. Thank you for your ideas! It looks like I am just lazy!! I love the one about leaving your family at home! That is so true!!!! I am going to give this a shot and see just how much I can save!!! Thank you

  3. Check the HEB site. They have a meal planning section and tons of coupons to go with the ingredients needed for each meal. Don't forget your online coupon sites and the Sunday paper! It works.

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