Karen A. Nelson
I am guessing that today your life will be a lot like mine....kids back to school and you and your spouse back to work, or whatever your arrangement is.  I am hoping that you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting ready to take on the next big event..Christmas!!   In hopes of  revamping before the holiday season my friend and I arranged a ladies night, well day, out!  We sent out the invite to about 6 or 7 ladies to meet at a local restaurant and make our way over to the movies.  Out of all of these women, her and I were the only two that were able to break away from our responsibilities and have some time for ourselves!  Although we were sorry that everyone else missed out we had an amazing time.  We started the day at noon, and I did not make it back home until about 8 pm. We had lunch and then watched The Blind Side, best movie I have seen in a long time, followed by New Moon.  It was a much needed chance to get out without all the little ones, get glammed up, and eat anything and everything we wanted!!!!  So here is my challenge: all of you amazing people need to take an afternoon out before all of the shopping and excitement of the holidays and just have some fun with a close friend!!!  Always make time for yourself and don't take life or yourself to seriously!!  Instead Enjoy it!!!! 
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  1. Amen sister! There is nothing like a little "me" time. Can't wait to do it again.

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