Karen A. Nelson

We are completely moved in!!!!  We were able to make the move to the bigger apartment on Thursday instead of Friday!  That was a great thing because it rained here all day on Friday.  My husband and I with the help of my Father-n-law and our friend Ellis were able to get 95% of the moving done on Thursday with only 2 loads left on Friday.  We set it up piece by piece this time in its correct and final place as we made the move loading all of bookcases etc.  This was time consuming, but was worth it.  We are now completely set up curtains hung, pictures up and laundry going!!!!  Here are a few of the pics!!!!  Thank you to all that helped we appreciate it.....

Dining Room Before and After

Living room Before and After

Still need to update the ottoman, but I need to pick the material up from the fabric store!!  Other than that I am so glad to be "home"!!!!!!
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  1. These are great shots! I love the before and after. It's such a nice change and there is so much more room. I love the colors and that couch looks awesome.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Karen your place looks great! I love you and can't wait to see it soon!

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