Karen A. Nelson
I have always loved the saying "Love grows best in little houses", but I think I may have met my match!!! Since my husband got out of the military two years ago we will have moved 3 time by the end of this week!!! The first move was from our Virginia home to a Florida condo. The next move was from a Fl condo to a TX, 860 square ft apartment.....The next move you ask is about a 300ft move from the 860 square ft apartment to a 1060 square ft apartment in the same complex.
To give you a little back history, we moved here to Texas about 7 months ago and in the act of saving money, I decided to cram my husband and daughter into a 860 square foot apartment!!!! This choice, not only about cost me my sanity, but it is requiring me to move again!!!!! So this week we are packing up our things to walk them over to the new apartment. Get this we are only signing a 6 month lease.
What would make some one do this you may be wondering, I can sum it up to you in a brief explanation.......

1) You can literally eat dinner at the dining room table, or watch tv without moving from the same recliner!

2)My husband has to turn sideways to enter the closet or the bathroom because his shoulders are wider than the door frame!

3) We have a walk through galley kitchen that we can not pass each other in, or find a counter to place our prep or prepared dishes on!

4)My absolute favorite........I can answer the front door, watch TV and be on the computer without ever getting up from my kitchen chair!!!!!

So although I love the saying "Love grows best in little houses" I now believe that they may need to put a square footage and size ratio limit on it!!! :)
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  1. Amanda Says:

    I live in a small house, only 950 sq ft 2bedroom/ 1 bath and we are a family of five! A lot of my family and friends thought that we were crazy to move into such a small space, but we love it! We lived in apartments before we moved into our house and we really enjoy living in a house, even if it is around the same sq ft of most apartments. We have our own fenced in yard, plus a great view of Clear Lake! I think having our own outdoor space really add to the sq ft. My hubby has a garage for all of his fishing stuff, kayak, tools and other gear. I have my own washer and dryer now, and don't have to walk to the community laundry room like I did when we lived in apartments. Best of all we live in a quite, country feeling neighborhood, but are still very close to many stores, restaurants and entertainment. For the price of rent that we pay, it was worth living in this house compared to an apartment in the same area.

    We have had some challenges living in a smaller home. I had to get creative for closet space because there was only one small closet in the master bedroom. Our house was built in 1955 and I guess people back then didn't have a lot of clothes! LOL We got rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter and bought storage bins/organizers to help. I do wish that my living room was bigger because we love to have people over. Plus it kind of sucks that to get to the only bathroom we have in the house you have to go through my master bedroom. This house will only work for us for the next couple of years, that's why we are just renting. As our three kids get bigger we will need to have a bigger home, but not too big. I think that the majority of people today live in houses way too big than they actually need.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with having your own outdoor space, I think that makes a world of difference. I feel like we have no where to run here :)

  3. Jill K. Says:

    I think the key word is "house"! Still a great saying, but everyone needs a little room to breath! My husband and I just moved from our 1700SF 2 story house to an 1100SF apartment and he loves it! He misses his "man cave", aka garage, but he likes that everything is "close". I thought I would mind it, but since it is only the 2 of us, what do I have to complain about. I now have 2 awesome pools, a workout facility and 24 hour maintenace...what more could you ask for! LOL....thanks for sharing!

  4. Love grows any where the heart is???? lol - or should I say greater than or equal to 1060 square feet?

  5. Kelly Says:

    Sis, I could totally have been happy there!

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