Karen A. Nelson
Hello fellow bloggers Let me start by saying:

Happy Veterans Day to everyone out there who has served, is serving or has paid the ultimate price. We thank you!!!!

It seems like the perfect day for me to start blogging, since the business I am now running spun from from the military terms that my husband and I served with the United States Coast Guard. While he was away on various shipboard deployments and I stayed at home with our daughter I decided I needed to do something for myself. My company Design With Your Dime in Mind was started to do just that. To chase a dream and to bring beautiful designs into the "average family's" homes.

Being prior military I understand the value of money and just how long that span between the 1st and 15th paychecks can seem. I also understand that the constant uprooting of your family can cause a lot of hardships and struggles. To me, pouring my heart and soul into my homes interior seemed to give me a sense of pride and control with the changes that we faced. Although the military sends you where the military needs you at the time, you can control what surrounds you when you walk through the door.

From these experiences my passion quickly became "Budget" Interior Decorating and Design. My business has now grown and is taking on a new challenge of Online Interior Decorating!
Now no matter where you are living, currently stationed, etc, I can help you design your room through emailed photos, software and phone calls to make your dream rooms come to life! Please check out my website at Design With Your Dime In Mind.com and continue to follow for pictures and insights into my business and my everyday life. I am excited to share my life and chase my dreams with you!!!!

Please feel free to leave comments and post your own dreams and ambitions!!!! I am also on Twitter at @DWYDiM and feel free to fan my page on Facebook.
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  1. Welcome Karen! Can't wait to read more.

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